MPF Sensorik Test GmbH

Focus on the food industry / Mülheim-Essen studio

MPF Sensorik Test GmbH is a professional, established market research test studio with a strong base of experience.

The areas of expertise of MPF Sensorik Test GmbH are in the field of sensory and product testing. Thanks to close associations with partners, MPF Sensorik Test GmbH can also offer test scenarios throughout Europe, and thereby ensures standardised implementation of tests at the highest level of quality.

MPF Sensorik Test GmbH offers the following range of services:

  • Standardised execution of sensory and product tests:
    • Expert and experienced teams trained in hygiene
    • Appropriate storage and handling of test products
    • Proper, standardised preparation of test products in the food sector
    • Regular quality control
    • Professionally equipped test areas and kitchens
    • Neutral test surroundings

The Mülheim-Essen site features the following amenities in particular:

  • 16 sensory test cabins equipped with:
    • High-speed Internet access as a basis for digital data collection
    • High partition walls as well as hatches into the test kitchen with privacy shields
    • Daytime and coloured lighting according to the DIN standard
    • Effective air-conditioning and air extraction systems
  • Extensively equipped test kitchen with:
    • Modern, high-quality ovens
    • Mobile induction fields, microwaves, fryers, etc.
    • Adequate storage space
    • Refrigeration and freezer units with approximately 4,500litres of refrigeration and freezing capacity