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Market Research

As a Full-Service Institute, we offer our services and advise in the following areas:

  • Consultancy, Planning and Running of your Market Research activities
  • Project Management (also in-house)
  • Data Analysis, incorporating and “translating” your Market Research results into the context of your strategies and processes (market surveys, brand analysis, product optimisation advice …) to allow you to make the most of your data.

The range of our Market research Portfolio mirrors the range of our main goal: from the concept to the consumer

  • Concept Tests / Concept Screening
  • Market Positioning
  • Usage & Attitude Studies
  • Product Tests / Sensoric Profiling
  • Price Studies
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Consumer Satisfaction Surveys
    And many more …

The methods we use cover all major qualitative and quantitative approaches from an explorative focus group to a sensoric, quantitative product evaluation.

With vast experience in a national and international context and aided by a far reaching network of associates, we are also the ideal partner for your cross-country activities.

We have furthermore access to a European Network of specialised research facilities which allow us to guarantee:

  • our Pan-European approach – all in one hand
  • an excellent price-value relationship for product tests
  • state of the art facilities for food product preparation and testing
  • consumer test panels for various product groups
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